As a graduate-school trained historian and writer, and a former tornado chaser, I am compelled to tell stories. Nature. People. Science. Drinks. I love it all. The artisans that brew, distill, and mix fascinate me. of the Brewers Association (Several pieces) (More than 100 articles)

Chilled Magazine (Several pieces)

Chilled Magazine (2015 – )

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Samples of my print publications are available upon request. I’ve written more than 15 cover stories, several features, reviews and more for Chilled MagazineHere is a small sample of the covers I’ve written.

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Here is lengthier example of a cover story regarding Academy Award-winning actor, Matthew McConaughey, and his relationship with Wild Turkey Distillery.


Thrillist (author page)

West Suburban Living Magazine

Work From Publications Outside the Realm of Food & Drinks.

History Writing: Clio Project (2016 –  | More than 200 entries)

I’ve published more than 200 entries for the Clio Project through Marshall University, but no author page exists; it’s truly a team effort.

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Write City Magazine (Chicago Writer’s Association)

The Beauty of Nature’s Fury

Career Addict

6 Reasons Why Being Lazy Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

Last Word On Sports (LWOS)

Powers, Matt. “Why is Tornado Alley So Prone to Tornadoes?” WorldAtlas. (accessed May 24, 2020).