Forbidden Root Introduces: Me Drink Cookie

Leave it to Forbidden Root to create a beer experience, rather than just another beer. Me Drink Cookie somehow seems fitting for consuming with a straw — not a normal thing to say about most beers.  But, this press release describing the Forbidden Root holiday creation makes one wonder, “Is this what Santa drinks?” I’ll bet it is.

A delicious, sensory drinking experience served with chocolate boba and …
enjoyed through a straw! 

Forbidden Root Brewery  is now serving, Me Drink Cookie a delicious, sensory beer experience.  Me Drink Cookie is oatmeal raisin brown ale that starts with a luscious malty aroma, mingled with toasted oats and a whiff of cinnamon and vanilla. At first, it delivers sweetness in the mouth, boosted by deep raisiny notes that is quickly replaced by fresh-baked toastiness. The addition of chocolate boba (a type of liquid sphere used in bubble tea) deliciously changes the beer: enter the chocolate chip experience, as each bubble bursts in the mouth and releases its chocolaty goodness.

Me Drink Cookie is available at their brewpub, located at 1746 W. Chicago Ave. from now through the end of December 2017.

Information provided by Shannan Hofman Bunting of  Solstice Communications, Inc.

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