A Night With Midnight Pig (Nevin’s Brewing Co)

There’s a new beer in town — kind of.  The brewing portion of the Nevin’s Brewing Company restaurant has been re-branded into the name, “Midnight Pig.”  Led by brewmaster Marc Wilson and brewer/sales guru Cory Davidson, Nevin’s has been producing award-winning beer for some time now, but this branding will afford the crew simpler methods through which to market and distribute the beer. Thus, Midnight Pig is born!

Midnight Pig kicked off with a launch party on Dec 6 — a Prohibition-style, Roaring 20’s kick-off event. “Why a Prohibition party?,” you might ask. Well, the name “Midnight Pig,” pays homage to the vessels — referred to as pigs — that used to carry liquor during Prohibition.

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The event itself included food, gambling (for charity and swag — nothing illegal here, Mr. Ness) and, of course, a slew of Midnight Pig beer including a few special barrel aged lovelies. Indeed, the Wrath of PeKhan with Coconut and Cinnamon was something to behold. What a stellar brew.

In truth, the beer is not much different than it was prior to becoming Midnight Pig, and that’s good news! A brewery with a GABF medal to its name and the respect of many within the industry need not change its recipes. As they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

But, that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of creativity or growth within the Nevin’s Brewhouse.  It seems Nevin’s, er, Midnight Pig, always has something fun up its sleeve. I mean, we are talking about a brewery known for its 21-beer-salute, a series of SMaSH-style flights with different themes offered during Craft Beer Week.



I once featured Nevin’s — now Midnight Pig — on PorchDrinking.com. At the time, the idea of Nevin’s Draft Company was being considered. Midnight Pig, it seems, will be far more effective in creating a delineation between the beer and the brick and mortar establishment.

But, here’s all you need to know. Call it Midnight Pig. Call it a rose by another name. Call it whatever you wan’t. Midnight Pig will now be the vessel that allows more people to know what many us already know — it’s spectacular beer worthy of purchase at the bar, at the store or while eating a big pretzel and Nevin’s.



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