Beer has beauty, and it enjoys many forms.

Beauty is tricky to define. Certain sounds have beauty, but so does quiet. Many view the color white as boring until it blankets the earth as snow or kisses the water during a full moon. Wine is romantic and mixology a work of art, but beer….well, beer rarely gets viewed as beautiful.

And that is wrong. Beer exudes beauty, and it takes on many forms.

Sometimes there’s revelry

Sometimes there’s tranquility.

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You can drink it in the sun,

You can drink it in the rain,

Or you can enjoy the rainbow.

Beer is natural,

Beer is industrial,

Beer is scientific,

Beer is artistic,

And Brewmasters are artists.

You can find it in the woods,

You can find it in the city,

You can find it in the mountains,

You can find it on the coast,

And you find it in far away places.

Beer brings joy,

Beer promotes friendship,

Beer celebrates love.

It’s good when it’s cold,

Even if you need a fire

Yes, beauty is tough to define. But, in the end…

Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder

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